NOT Ford Tough Enough! Fails Of The Week

NOT Ford Tough Enough! Fails Of The Week

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What was your favorite clip?

2:34 not a very good mom

I feel bad for the woman at 1:30. Learning a new mower the expensive way…damage to her property and her mower. Been there.

7:26 – looks just like now I would expect a blue state to look! Shit hole! Lol!!!

ᚢᛁᚴᛁᚾᚴ ᚴᚢᛋᛏᛅᚢᛋᛋᚬᚾ
4:00 sure look staged or she shouldn’t be allowed to drive a car if she talks to a trashcan and a friend had to tell her, if the friend wasn’t there she might have called the cops on MC Donalnds or whatever and been committed

Matt Black
Thats the second Bronco ive seen roll over. Those pieces of 💩 are dangerous.

Max Barko
0:38 Child traumatization distributed and promoted by FailArmy. Disgusting!

Photo Adventures
“kelly i dont think thats the speaker… thats the trash can…”

Pat Mygroin
4:16 poor little guy did an unplanned backflip then said “nope, I’m out”

Om nOm
🇵🇸 freedom for Palestine

Why does FailArmy insist on grouping in videos of natural disasters and climate collapse with fails? Watching people’s flooded homes or roofs blow off in a hurricane is not a funny fail.