NOT Ford Tough Enough! Fails Of The Week

NOT Ford Tough Enough! Fails Of The Week

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Norma Searching
Ford isn’t tough; they support this LGBTPQRSYGV+-&$ gay pride B.S.

I pray ANY AND ALL companies or corporations who support this “Pride” crap goes belly up and NEVER recovers.

6:24 Push up ???? Hahahaha he saying Pas op, thats Dutch for watch out LOL

It’s o.k. everybody, it was just a four door ‘bronco’

Actually the guy that rolled the Bronco kept going to finish the trail so it kinda was “Tough Enough” ,lol.

Amazing record
3:11 I was having a crappy day but That dog in the stairs Made it all better 😂! Seriously, how can you not laugh when you see that furry little rascal pop up on the steps,

Turd Burglar
As a jeep guy, watching that punk roll his bronco brought joy to my morning lol


1:50 Who films themselves like that? Horrible acting. I guess her makeup tutorials didn’t get enough views.

Bloawblah Nloaoktfinblah
5:30 Shii I wanna try that yoga position

Minnesota Tomcat
That’s why you don’t let women drive your lawnmower