Outrageous Outdoor Fails

Outrageous Outdoor Fails

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Favorite clip?

bro is so wet

Is no one gonna mention the lady at 15:58 that looks straight at the metal barricade then walks into it? i dont understand… haha

Where is tharun’s comment ??😂😂

I’ve never accomplished anything in life but now I’m going to successfully pull off this amazing stunt!

ear Failarmy. We don’t mind having shorter videos if you only use new clip

10:25 “Im probably going to cut this tree down…damn it…are you ok?”
is the best….

I’m never leaving the house again !

The bucket thing: As a child, a „friend“ of mine made this time, he used a snowball and he had hidden a brick in mine. I then kicked it and couldn’t walk properly for weeks. It’s been almost 40 years now and the toe has always caused me problems. Ten years ago I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and had to have an operation. I’m sure it was because of this „funny“ prank .

It’s always a fat woman on a rope swing

This channel should be called “idiot army”