Outrageous Outdoor Fails

Outrageous Outdoor Fails

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Favorite clip?

117 fails

16:17 “That kids is how I *picked* your father”

3:52 Киров здесь 🤟

Don’t these fools have jobs to go to?

favourite clips

0:09 bro…💀💀
1:31 no way bros using his laptop 💀
2:40 been laughing for 40 seconds 💀
3:23 holy crap. what was that
4:18 thought he was gonna survive there
6:01 that gotta hurts 😭

They are so funny, thank you

Why is it that the one videoing almost always has the most annoying laugh? I had to skip a couple of them because I couldn’t take it.

I was very happy with your content 😻😻 and the most beautiful thing is that I laughed a lot 🤣💖🤣 Thank you my friend 💚🌹🌹

The deer was as happy as a domestic dog. It’s funny

Good video!