People Being Idiots Compilation – Thank You For Being Dumb! | FailArmy

People Being Idiots Compilation – Thank You For Being Dumb! | FailArmy

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Lance Revell
First clip had to be staged. No mechanic would be so stupid as to support a raised car on a stilt like that.

Leonardo F.B
this is humanity
love failarmy

9:43 obviously he is digging dark matter.

5:43 lmao

2:56 LOL she was smiling as she went into the water 🤣🤣🤣 Under the sea-hee-hee 🙂🤣🤣

A.C.M.E. Ink. 🧨💥
The guy giving himself a toilet 🚽🧻 swirly, will have a short life expectancy! Brain cells have already died. 😵

Caine Alexander-McCord
I watch every one of these, and these here are some major-league dunderheads. God help us all.

Autistic Pixel
what accent are the guy on the lawn telling the other guy he’s put in a complaint with the police and the guy is telling him to go F himself? that accent is different

shannon moak
@ about 6:30- the smoking lawn mower, thats what happens when you tilt one on the wrong side to unwrap something on the blade and oil gets in the carb and/or cylinder, generally it will not ruin the engine. it just smoke like that for a few minutes

Blake G
The guy with the underwear on his head is less of an idiot than people who believed face masks actually protected them from anything. Or that the vaccine worked LOL!

If you watch daily dose of internet, he should make another channel called: daily dose of fails!