People Being Idiots | Try Not To Laugh

People Being Idiots | Try Not To Laugh

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Dude complaining about a $5 tip from a pizza order? WTF? Most people hardly tip at all anymore so be grateful.

oh hell nah, i would have called the pizza place back up and talked to the manager taking that 5 right the fuck back

10:30 trying to hang 12′ drywall sheets on the ceiling by yourself…. never goes well.

That must have hurt like hell landing on those weights.

I feel so bad for the guy delivering the gifts. He needs a hug.

Bro its not idiot people have you ever heard about accidents☠️

You laugh at one of these youre a weak minded individual

None of these were funny

Woke failarmy

“A nice house for a $5 tip”???? I got another tip for you, my guy: get fucked!

That 5 dollar bill was a douche bag. Seriously, he doesn’t know what a tip is, wrong profession lol.