People Being Idiots | Try Not To Laugh

People Being Idiots | Try Not To Laugh

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Dude complaining about a $5 tip from a pizza order? WTF? Most people hardly tip at all anymore so be grateful.

Nothing made me cringe more than 1:24. I’m a lathe operator, and I’ve seen enough videos of people getting wraped up in lathes to roll up my sleves and tuck in my hoodie strings. Thats just insanely dangerous

3:56 “you cant park there” vibes 😂

18:27 “funny” axxXoles 🤮

Wrong title People Being Idiots. Most of these are just bad luck, having a bad day, really.


Average Boeing experience

3:57 – I hope the skipper and Gilligan are okay

That pizza guy was a dick. I delivered thousands of pizzas from 98-03 and I usually got $1-$2 at most from those that tipped, and half the people gave you nothing or rounded it off to the nearest cent, so sometimes I’d get 25 cents or less. I never complained or made a comment to people like that ass. You just don’t do that.

If you film yourself working out, you get what you deserve. And who films themselves cooking? And never turn your back on the ocean.

19:44 What she was talking about?🤔