People Being Idiots | Try Not To Laugh

People Being Idiots | Try Not To Laugh

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Dude complaining about a $5 tip from a pizza order? WTF? Most people hardly tip at all anymore so be grateful.

The best funny compilation 🤣🤣👍👏👏👏

10:20 russian lathe

@ 7:18 It’s Brandon FJB!!

1:35 He died?

the boat girl is a keeper, problem is, months into the relationship she would end up accidentally killing herself…

at 12:00 the flying dude just fell

Man fights stick, stick wins 00:15

Considering his aptitude, $5 is more than enough.
I used to work as hardware shop delivery guy, while giving tip is not a culture here, lots of people do gv a tip if it deemed appropriate. Meanwhile in my case, sometimes I hd to carry and deliver more than 10 40kg bags of cements, sometimes I hd to carry them over 50ft, or even worse up to 2nd floor, bag by bags of em. If the customer gv a tip, I’ll gladly accept them, otherwise I’ll just carry on to my nxt delivery (probably after 10 or 15mins brake. So imagine my suprises watching this guy complaining for a 5$ tip (and as others pointed out, for 20$ worth of goods);

1:28 Biden plays golf as well 😆

crying over a $5 tip?? how about next time no tip? 😁