People Being Idiots | Try Not To Laugh

People Being Idiots | Try Not To Laugh

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Dude complaining about a $5 tip from a pizza order? WTF? Most people hardly tip at all anymore so be grateful.

Accident = being an idiot? No

I delivered pizza and my tips far exceeded my hourly wage mostly cuz I wasn’t a jackhole to the customers.

The fat people falling ratio was off on this 1!

2:31 thiccumsss

13:14 so many levels of bad n stupid!

Pizza delivery driver: “I’d trade a $5 tip for a funny fail video any day!

30 years ago if you told someone that they would have everything they do recorded they would be appalled!

at 4:57 can’t people just respect history instead of turning everything into a fucking social media video for like by strangers? If an American did that in another country, they’d probably be arrested.

1:56 😂😂😂

I have mixed emotions about fails when you accidentally destroy things ( shelves/ tv’s / fences etc…)… It may appear funny- but the aftermath is Never Funny.