People Being Idiots | Try Not To Laugh

People Being Idiots | Try Not To Laugh

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Dude complaining about a $5 tip from a pizza order? WTF? Most people hardly tip at all anymore so be grateful.

@2:40 are those stars?

woulda screamed, puked and called for staff, not film it wtf!! @03:52

british people need to buy air conditioners

5:46 Damn that chicken had muscles 😂

humans that are afraid of smaller animals are the dumbest and funniest thing

19:26 Removing chainmail is always fun. Try bending over at the waist and let it’s weight peel it off you with your arms out. If you have long hair i’d suggest being really careful because it really loves to get jammed up in those beautiful curly locks. Had 4 people spend 20 minutes getting one long-haired guy out of his chainmail, fun times.

7:22 What does mean ” Panhandling ” ? The google translater, doesn’t translate it to Hungarian..

That umbrella covered my entire life in 5 seconds.

You’re STILL the BEST!

Which country is this