People Having A Bad Day | Funny Fails Compilation

People Having A Bad Day | Funny Fails Compilation

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Jonny Borg
That water balloon throw was glorious

Why tf he has a bat in his office?

Lyle Waller
3:45 – You can’t park there, sir!

Sunny Day
In the truck 1/2 summersault event, the judges give the Penske truck a 9.8 !

2.59 cat lol

That cat clearly liked the state the litter box was in lol

julie 😂

Lyle Waller
0:25 – Aww! Such tender feelings!

Hansa Chess
1:05 one of the best things I have seen in a while

Nick Nixon
Seeing some folks throwing shade at the woman who didn’t know she was on a ferry. I live in Victoria, Canada (which is on an Island of about a million people), when I use to work in the tourism industry you’d be SHOCKED by how many folks would argue with me that they took a ferry to get here (there’s no road, it’s air or ferry). They were convinced they just got stuck in traffic in a tunnel and had to pay a toll to get into the tunnel. Yes… almost exclusively Americans. 🙂

Billy nikky
2:51 I feel bad for that guy when he say sorry 😢