People Having A Bad Day | Funny Fails Compilation

People Having A Bad Day | Funny Fails Compilation

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Jonny Borg
That water balloon throw was glorious

Arl Tratlo
13:30, i recognize a ferry, before i drive on it….how the hell she end up there?????

Cara Biner
4:05 STAY IN THE TRUCK. Those are live wires so until you are sure it’s safe to exit, remain in the vehicle, which is grounded. Trust me.

the guy with the pipe is dead

Chad Bingham
1:32 I think I read somewhere that guy died.

mark hitchcock
Just for your info the guy that got sucked into the water pipe died, so probably not in good taste having it on here!.

Rexx Sade
3:49 how would someone explain this if it wasn’t recorded

Dilbert Rose
Cat would Die

Charles Montague
22:00 hug

Arl Tratlo
7:50, i went to a hospital, because 2 drivers played the same game,
one of my co-worker took the heli… he cant work since the accident..
because our van got hit by 1 of the cars….
4 out of 8 went to the hospital!

Jesse Lee
Guy was tapping that water main way to fast