Primate Fails | Funny Animals Fails Caught On Camera

Primate Fails | Funny Animals Fails Caught On Camera

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They kinda piss me off, some of them

The brummie Rail enthusiasts
That’s why monkeys are always misbehaving

Tom Knott
All this aggressive behaviour towards us . . . why it’s almost as if they’d rather just be *left alone?!* 😏


Nelson Pert
Too many people make that mistake of thinking that these animals can’t outsmart them.

Here Crazy Pets
😂😅😂 Funny

Om nOm
🇵🇸 freedom for Palestine

Onlob Yanlob
Except for “modern man”, all living things are wonderful.

That monkey distracted her by pulling her top to get the food. Never underestimate an animal. Genius

Steve Eisenberg
I hate monkeys. Sorry, I just do. Always have.

Linen Gray
8:06 that is the most dangerous thing I saw on this video. All those tourists deserve everything that happens to them. Just cause you are bigger does not mean you are more intelligent or faster.