Rammed! | Funniest Fails of the Week

Rammed! | Funniest Fails of the Week

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Funniest clip?

Who shames their own child pooping themselves on the internet? Kid looked genuinely upset. Pretty sick parents.

4:20 that’s exactly why they say you should never leave the pump unattended.

7:15 Well what do you know! Real life dumb and dumber…

The poop kid saved this horrible compilation!

I had to fall, to loose it all but in the end
It doesn’t really matter.

I own you

That’s bowling fail 🎳 was hilarious. 😂 lol That is my funniest clip of the week! 😻😍

2:12 “Might be a little bit icy out here.” It’s also rather melty but until that finishes it’s not like there is much out there to drive to… or on!

Sul do BRASIL! Santa Catarina.
South Brazil!

1:36 and 0:07 have something in common, namely nice recoveries. Sometimes the recoveries are so good it’s hard to imagine the fail was a fail, but it was… just with follow-thru, the counterpart to when someone’s success sets up the imminent failure.