Rider Down! Hilarious Fails Of The Week

Rider Down! Hilarious Fails Of The Week

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Many of these clips drive home why many products have disclaimer notices.

Zimm’s Aquatics & Hobbies
Even for failarmys standards this is weak. Fail.

Pat Mygroin
Dude, 6:02 yeah she pulled a bald spot but look at the crooked ass lines. I’m quadriplegic and I can do better to my own head

bass tracks
Comedy off of other people’s pain. I love it.

Laugh my friends, because in a world of shadow and space,
Laughter brings light to every face.
It mends the broken, makes hearts race,
With every chuckle, love we embrace

Ole Eckblad
A lot of these clips aren’t very funny. They look staged and created because people want to be on Youtube.

SK Rider 46
A mera YouTube chanal Hai vhai..
SK Rider

Deak Ferenc
Have you ever made a video with no blacks in it?

Олена Пазенко
цікаве відео, всім до перегляду)))

camroN toneY
5:50 nice melons