Splat! Fails Of The Week

Splat! Fails Of The Week

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Cats are great.
They trash the place and they do not care.
They do not hide or try to say they are sorry or blame the dog. They just sit there and look at you like,” yeah, so?”

2:43 hit&run?

0:05 😂

3:19 Are you sure??

Bruce Westoby
Good splats! Teeth optional….

[inserte un nombre apropiado]
3:40 me and the band when we go on tour:

Justin Koenig
Certainly getting our fair share of fat Americans slipping on their front porches. Jeez, people, get it together.

EinieN J
3:39 exactly why we have seatbelts and regulations..

matt anderson
Several clips of the same bikers on the same gravel road. OBVIOUSLY wiping on purpose.