Sports Gone Terribly Wrong | Funny Moments Caught On Camera

Sports Gone Terribly Wrong | Funny Moments Caught On Camera

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• Bukitsu •
Did they have a pool on their kitchen 😂wtf

Why are all the videos letterboxed? So you don’t get a copyright strike by the real video owners?

Bragnour Gorof
A lot of them have been hurt, where is the fun ?

06:18 Don’t puck around.

square root 3
At least they’re being active.Sitting round doing nothing is the biggest fail there is.

I have never ever in my whole entire life as a lamp tech seen a metal halide e40 screw base lamp fall out just like that with such an ease. Probably the reason why it did fall out so easily was because the sheading glass was removed, and the lamp itself was not screwed in all the way so it hanged barely on half a turn..

Midget Alex
i found this video as the second recommendation when i search up “fail compilation”. i have lost faith in all of humanity to find enough activity that can actually be classed as a fail to fill a single video. hella disappointed.

Leif Opstad
10:46 pretty sure that was Cordarrelle Patterson who threw that, right?

Colin Peyton
That little league coach should be fired. If I heard my kid’s coach say something like that I would be livid. What about good sportsmanship? What about staying positive about yourself even if you don’t win every single game. You do your best and okay the game because it’s fun and challenging, not to prove you’re better than anyone else.

9:14 Maybe badminton is just not her thing.

Night Stalker
1:43 you’d rip that arse to shreds. She’d be walking like John Wayne for a month