Stay Off The Lawn! Fails Of The Week

Stay Off The Lawn! Fails Of The Week

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Tim Hammett
3:39 OMG! You know he broke his nose! That was a hard hit to the face! Dude was trying to bench too much weight! That look like it hurt!

Tim Hammett
3:06 I bet that truckers wishing now he had got down to the next exit and turned around instead of making such an idiot move to exit after missing it. He clearly missed the exit but to save time tried to make it. He would have saved time and his truck had he did the right thing and just take the next exit. Hope he’s alright.

evaluate analysis
1:30 a good reason to wear a climbing helmet.

Amazing record
Okay, did you guys catch that lady at 4:09? She basically parted the Red Sea of that car crash and then just kept on strolling like it was nobody’s business! The way she kept her cool and acted like it was just another day at the office was truly mind-blowing. I mean, most people would have been freaking out and panicking after a close call like that, but not her! It’s almost like she’s got some kind of superhero power that allows her to brush off disaster with ease. We’re just glad she made it out okay and gave us all a wild story to share!

Okay a few things
1. That ledge where all the people keep stumbling over? I get video taping this but laughing when people get hurt.. meh. Also the city should probably slap some red color on that.
2. when I get hurt I want to be asked “are you okay” and not “what the hell happened”.
3. The guy on the ice? Again I get Schadenfreude and all that but laughing when he could easily die? Shame.

Mack McMillan
2:18 – Scared… Scared’s what ya look like. Hehe, and I would be, TOO!

Katie Barber
every time I watch these videos I’m reminded how it’s impossible to underestimate human stoopity

Ghost Writer
🐑👶🐑🛑☝🐕 7:30

Gives dog a bunch of toys that look like chickens.
*dog attacks chicken*
*confused human noises*

Jaque Braveau
Wait, a video of Americans getting hurt, maimed, and even killed? The whole world is celebrating at their loss! God bless you for putting this out here for all to enjoy 🙂 the world salutes you

Kings bury99
4:10 Those two cars failed…..but GOD DIDN’T!