Stay Off The Lawn! Fails Of The Week

Stay Off The Lawn! Fails Of The Week

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Andre Kcee
Same here, I started an investment with Mrs Magdalene James, I invested $9000 which I went into her short-time trading and She helped me clear my Bank dept over $62,700.

Moh Moony
Baa-ram-ewe! Baa-ram-ewe!
Doesn’t that dog know the secret password??

Red Red
Military saying fuck your hail 👊🏼

people do expensive mistake

Edward Pardy
Still trying to figure out why fat people think canoes or kayaks are even remotely a good idea. Some sports do not fit all body types despite the inclusivity everyone claims.

izzysaysno –
Respect to the honor guard. They maintained their composure through the hail storm to honor the fallen.

Philip FitzRoyce
3:17 is an absolute win for the fallen. A genuine thank you to the honor guard.

Obvious Catboi
You know someone’s content isn’t brain dead when the first person doesn’t say “FIrST”

dude chasing his sunglasses was just so damn funny to me

Joseph Sweeney
The guy stuck in the kid’s toy at the playground is actually a professional rugby player in Wales.