That Didn't Go As Planned! Fails Of The Week

That Didn't Go As Planned! Fails Of The Week

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Using your phone while refuelling is very dangerous

5:46, and thus his Father left to get another milk

4:22 JP Performance in the Beetle

and first place for the biggest idiots goes to the USA

I smell a huge setup.
Fuel pump cretin sure knew *exactly where* the emergency button was quickly, didn’t he? Honestly, how many of even knew about such a thing, and if we did exactly where it was?


I snort laughed at Bigfoot and the guy tripping over the broom!

Her: his first legal drink.
Me: are you sure about that.

:42 that’s how people die

That might be the most realistic video of Bigfoot I’ve ever seen. But the way he disappeared, it was too quick. That’s how you know it’s CGI or AI generated.

Just push the lever on the pump! How can people be so dumb!?