That Didn't Go As Planned! Unexpected Fails Compilation

That Didn't Go As Planned! Unexpected Fails Compilation

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I can’t hold my laughter at 8:48🤣🤣🤣

@ 4:49
Damn! He got knocked out.
Looks like he face planted hard.
I feel bad for the guy.

Great episode!! Part 2 please 🎉

4:52: That looked completely staged.

Kaitlin Ski
The screaming women make my ears bleed 😩

That Guy79
At 7:40! If you dont have enough brains to stop before it gets to the point of it falling over then you are breathing oxygen that other people could actually use. Please stop reproducing and spreading the stupidity.

Artur Kulaszewski
4:16 Pro-Tip: It’s all about the little details. Edit out the string you pulled to make the bin fall over.

Kennedy Araújo
C’mon… on 0:47 that was expected

Denis Bogomolov
Кто тоже от Шаста

Why would anyone cry in front of a camera because they intentionally put too many shirts on and now can’t get them off again? Completely pathetic and not remotely funny.

The Bible Skeptic
Is there such a thing as an “Expected Fails Compilation”?