That's Cold! Fails Of The Week

That's Cold! Fails Of The Week

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What compilation do you want us to do next?

2:47 i was like just open ur mouth next time

11:10 Well, if the king is calling i geuss…

If you’re going to slip and fall on some icy stairs, be sure you’re carrying a bunch of pots and pans. The added sound effects make it hilarious!

One thing I learned in this video is that people need to learn how de-ice their f*cking stairs and walk/driveways.

6:20 what an ass. Holding a cake with just one hand, I’d make him lick the floor.

Know your limitations. Respect them.

All these compilation are funny, I enjoy watching these, but seeing people falling in stairs become boring…

Failarmy? More like one million people sliding off their porches army

Do americans not own proper footwear?

The truck under the ice was recovered by ellis towing and ice recovery. Cost the insurance a ton of cash. Truck and ice house totaled😊