That's Cold! Fails Of The Week

That's Cold! Fails Of The Week

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What compilation do you want us to do next?

That invalid scooter guy was an absolute moby. What did he think would happen

The ButtStomp

Idk why these gym idiots insist on squatting or working out in their socks. Holding a shit load of weight while wearing socks is the dumbest shit ever. That girls feet slid out in front of her so damn fast. She could have killed her self smh. You literally see people workout for an hour in their shoes then take the shoes off when they get to the squat rack. It’s ridiculous like why would you don’t that?

1:58 Must be Boeing

Just Magic!!!

Do you americans not have salt or grit or kitty litter or something? The amount of ppl falling down stairs just isn’t funny any more XD

2:48 – It looks like he good a good time 🙂

I’m starting to realize that Doorbell cameras weren’t invented for home safety, but for our entertainment 😂

3:36 IN SOCKS??? WHY???

We hardly ever get snow now. Used to before climate change.