The Dumbest American Fails from all 50 States | FailArmy

The Dumbest American Fails from all 50 States | FailArmy

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Nathan Lucas
0:14 – The exact moment she realized she’s going to have TWO babies on her hands real soon.

Федор Нинин
Everyone: waiting for the “Ohio” joke

Oddly, this makes me nostalgic for my time in America… The country does have issues, but Y’all can laugh at yourselves and have fun.

Angelika Kotczlowski
5:00 – what is that???

Prince of Determination & Video Mogul Black Star
As a native Pennsylvanian, I was happy to see that we continue to make other states envy us, even with fails

Thomas Hughes
No Jedi powers were used by any of the individuals on display in this video.

Arkansas was not a fail.

That was a win.

Laszlo Feher
És ezek még élnek! Grat Amerika! Mint a vezetőtök! Biden papa!😂

Ralph L
GF & I got stuck in the traffic jam that plane caused when it landed on the highway in Hawaii. Big Island over by Waikoloa…

Bent Elbow
The US spent 300 Billion in foreign aid in 2021. this wasnt money generated by a government company, this was money paid in via taxation of its people. Perhaps FailArmy can fk straight off.

lol she fell in the trash where that jump belong