The Most Dangerous 3-Wheeler? Fails Of The Week

The Most Dangerous 3-Wheeler? Fails Of The Week

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The topic of this video proves without a shadow of a doubt that folks have been personifying vehicles since they were around, so the next time someone says they have a lemon, kick it as far as you can with a steel toed iron man boot because I’m not going to tolerate uppity gremlins anymore either.

2:20 I love how she not only pulls him down but
they also sit on those burning candles for a while

Clam Chowder
Jeff your octave & noise tolerance is quite superior. How you deal with that noise should be a world wonder. props to you dude!

Moving Forward
8:06 Is that Ron DeSantis? 100%

Jeff had made his peace with the world and was playing the titanic tune in his head.

cameron larocque
It’s unfair when everyone doesn’t get the food they need for “Free” it is atrocious and my heart is broken that kid is more in touch then any of you

Robert Neige
3:31 AHHHHH geil

Britta Wiersma
What series of events lead Jeff to be in this situation. Did they infact die? Somehow I doubt it

Funny Work
Lolzzz things for that first girl 😂😂

0:03 „and this is how i MET your mother…“