The Most Dangerous 3-Wheeler? Fails Of The Week

The Most Dangerous 3-Wheeler? Fails Of The Week

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Frank S
send that first clip to GrayStillPlays

Salty Reese’s Cup
You Put One More Of Those God Damn sodimite, peadophile, marxist POS On Your Vids And Im Out…😶🧂

President Skroob
Whoever let the kid in the roller coaster needs to be sacked

Sheila Cooke
Wow,how have some of these morons stayed alive this long? 😅

0:03 bet he didn’t think about having to pay child support as one of the risks of his sport

Robin Huff
Jeff’s definitely an idiot

CalviN –
That lady in the side-by-side sure gave up easily. Lol

Jeff!!!!!!… We gonna die…

Chip Sammich
Guy at 2:17 has a great shirt

Andre Moore
In the first clip, all the had to do was take 3 fucking steps to the left or the right, how can people be so stupid?!

ALL 3 wheelers are dangerous thats why they have been BANNED for sale. HOWEVER, they still sell 3 wheel
mobility scooters which also have a tendency to topple over with older folks in the saddle. A GD shame!
These too should be banned.