The Perfect Scare | Fails Of The Week

The Perfect Scare | Fails Of The Week

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Hawke Motorsport
Yeah cos it’s really funny seeing someone lose their home in a landslide 😡😡😡😡

If that happen to me on That last clip I would’ve accepted death and would’ve prolly panicked and made shit worse

TOP4M Funny Moments
*Funny fails and non-stop laughter, it’s incredibly entertaining* 🥰🤣

Zoe Funny Channel
Was fun to watch. Great video😍😍😍

Clown From Clown Town
6:41 she’s talking to a wild bear like it’s her dog

when the captain makes a mistake how bad things happen

Hugh MacDonald
Skip. Too many fakes.

some of the clips are filipino so some of you dont understand😅

Ramesh Kanjinghat
what do you call pasta mixed with spaghetti? THE Impasta

Jim Nasium
So the dude with the tangled parachute lines is dead, right?

Мацвей Ляткоўскі
1:01 totally Tom&Jerry sound