Too Much Protein? Fails of the Week

Too Much Protein? Fails of the Week

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0:41 oh God I felt that one…

7:30 i don´t get it, can some one explain?

It’s in the WORD2
0:59 that kid pulling the chair and then laughing!!!!!! You can’t be mad😅😅😅😅😅

It’s in the WORD2
No matter how much weight you can Bench press and no matter how strong you are the simple pinch of a thumb will bring any man down

Now … i call my son BRO.

Ram TigerJaguar
Thanks for the funny ones, FA…but you’re still making the same dumb mistake in your video selection screening: nature damaging our stuff or hurting us isn’t “failing” in any way. Hail hitting people or a house being shaken by an earthquake just simply doesn’t fit in video compilations like this. Worth a couple of DUHmerit points, I’d say.

4:16 needs Stuka sounds

1:32 Warning for people eating, dog takes a nasty poop. skip to 1:47

0:21 0:41 that hurts 😂😂😂😂😂

Blurring the dogs ass come on thats too much 😂

4:15 that bird was like “Fuck it man, i’m not getting chased for this fish”