Too Much Protein? Fails of the Week

Too Much Protein? Fails of the Week

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7:05 how is an earthquake a fail?

0:30 no way jesusss😲🙀🤯

David Patterson
That first one is a perfect reminder of why I stopped bringing my dog mountain biking.

*I really have to say that “no one was hurt” cannot possibly apply to that poor weightlifter at **0:37** as he flower-pressed… himself, shall we say, between those weights.*

Clean Living
I love nothing more than seeing stupid downhill bikers on their stupid overpriced bikes failing to make a jump on their stupid little groomed trail

1:33 Well, you said, “Go.”😁

Amazing record
I must point out that the weightlifter at 0:37 seemed to have experienced a painful mishap as he pressed the weights, which cannot be classified as “no one was hurt”

Richard Bulmer
@ 2:15 if only you had 2 hands with which to catch the dog

Eduardo Alejandro
What happened to the bolling bowl?

Me: How about I watch some videos while I eat?
FailArmy: Here’s a dog with diarrhea!

That’s me at 0:52 😂