Too Much Protein? Fails of the Week

Too Much Protein? Fails of the Week

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Jamez Blackjack
What’s wrong with you bro???
That’s the difference between them and the rest of us

03:25 I call bullshit

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Megan Rust
that little “ohh my weiner!” kid reminded me of the Simpsons Man Getting Hit by Football “ow my groin!” 😂

Mad Miro
some of these clips are not fails of the week xD

1:32 and… yeah. “Go!” The dog went.

I really have to say that “no one was hurt” cannot possibly apply to that poor weightlifter at 0:37 as he flower-pressed… himself, shall we say, between those weights.

Eyy forks and spoons did that to a microwave? Whuu?? o.O

3:25 that much?! Woah why isn’t there like a warning sign on the microwave?

that with the bowlingball at the end..i don’t get it …sorry

Tryzinpew Sangma
Next time tell one of your stupid friend not to bring his dog on a bike trail.