Truck Takes Wrong Turn! Fails Of The Week

Truck Takes Wrong Turn! Fails Of The Week

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Mark Seabrook
7:17 to 7:53 just made my day. thank you for the laughs!

Louie Littlefoot und Marönchen
Disgusting!!! 😱🤮🤮🤮

Aj M.
5:56 lol I bet she’s said that before

AtheismRules ☠️
3:15 that wheeze laugh got me rolling on the floor🤣


00 Coyote
The “I peed myself” was my favorite!

Joshua Black
The girl in the end is a great example of what’s wrong with a ton of people today 😂😂😂

Joshua Black
2:40 Looks like a win to me 💯

Cody Hales
Last video screams first world problems if that is what ruins your day…

Kris V
5:10….what is supposed to be funny?

Grand Nagus
2:03 LOL

This is one of the episodes that I’ve genuinely enjoyed this year.