UNLUCKY Fails Of The Week

UNLUCKY Fails Of The Week

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Steve Perry
The guy at the car wash in the rain was probably using RainX.

Shaun McDonald
The girl tripping over nothing with the bow tattoos on the back of her thighs. I’ve seen her on a certain website before.😂😂

Giovani Martinez
Fail army- *no one was harmed* 5:12

2nd clip stair fall was me..yeah i need to do something to make it safer I guess..flip flops also dont have the best traction lol what the video doesnt illustrate well is that pause in my downward momentum was my head smacking the wall the camera is attached to…but I’ve healed.. I think..mostly

Kristen Headley
“No one was harmed.” Yeah because they’re dead. 😂😂

Gerudo King
That guy hit the ground so hard, he started glitching.

JS 2022.
No one was harmed*
source: trust me bro

Chris Delavega
6:18 Hello Poland. ✔✔✔✔

Matthieu Babat
Staged fails are really annoying, how can u put that in a compilation ?

TOP4M Funny Moments
These moments brightened my day. Thanks! 👍

Chad Ouellette
Athleticism and intelligence at its finest here.