UNLUCKY Fails Of The Week

UNLUCKY Fails Of The Week

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The last video was not a fail. Dude braves the elements and catches a fish, exhibiting a man-over-nature scenario… I call that an epic win.

FFF – Fun Fail Film
00:00 what does he want to say?
still waiting??

1:09 extremely lucky. If the foot got caught in the wheel he would really be hurt

Icarus Binns
6:25 the dad yelling “What’d I do?” Makes me wonder… what DID he do?

Agnes Perez
She’ll make an excellent arc welder in fails of the week.

Pablo Zhang
If there’s one thing these videos should teach people in fails of the week, it’s to avoid doing stupid things when they’re intoxicated.

QUAK Tornado
00:43 Does anyone even check the subtitles on this channel?

M Kay
Slow news day for fail army

Yo! English speakers, cracking an egg on childs head is not funny, wtf is wrong with u?

CalTek Design
Going to go out on a limb here and say that the railing at 0:06 was not quite built to code.