We're Going Down! Fails Of The Week

We're Going Down! Fails Of The Week

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i will call animal rights services on lady kicking the chicken in the grass. the chicken took it like a champ tho and stood his grounds

Dion ¿
these bleeps are annoying as shit. Makes it terrible to watch.

Jaque Braveau
It truly is amazing the see the display of American stupidity and to watch them get hurt. God bless your work.

I remember a song, with lyrics that went somewhat like this; _Winter’s f*cked up!_

What would this channel be without gravity and other surprisingly evil forces of nature?

I have lost my will to live and the idiocy of these people does not help anymore

Brianna Lilly
Really could have used a lot of these for an actual expensive fails compilation.

Shawn S
The people that let go of golf clubs are probably the same people that trash bowling alleys

50% of these videos is someone slipping over on a doorbell cam, it’s gets a bit boring

Pineapple Stickers
Kind of getting sick of the doorbell camera slipping down the stairs videos. Every single one plays out the exact same way

The rest of the video is great though