We're Going Down! Fails Of The Week

We're Going Down! Fails Of The Week

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Crazy how cities and places that are susceptible to such extreme weather conditions have not yet managed to somehow prevent these accidents or have yet to develop products and protocols to avoid them

4:58 even with modern ABS you can lock wheels and fuck up a car.

Doorstep falls hurt the most!

बहुत बढ़िया विडियो बनाईं भाई

02:32 T-rex

बहुत ही विहंगम दृश्य है बहुत बढ़िया

Matthew Chance
1:02 Is that crap on the floor?? What happened?? The toilet busted, gross

David Frantz
I swear half of these are from the Seattle ice storm this past December!!! what a time to be alive

The reyes beverage guy lol. Probably blamed it on the warehouse

Doodles Life
It’s Hard To Record Such Interesting Moments, Well Done Bro!