We're Going Down! Fails Of The Week

We're Going Down! Fails Of The Week

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That last one was NSFW!

OMFG, how could people be so oblivious to their surroundings? There is a freezing temperature outside, stairs are looking kinda of wet……. there are two people already down on their backs ====> proceeds to step down with confidence and smash his head over the concrete edge /facepalm

Craig’s Die-cast Videos and Stuff
6:25 Self parking ATV!

Man that train crossing is final destination at play there

Lauren Caulton
The malfunctioning arm at the train crossing! Yikes.

2:13 BEE!!

Val M
понятно откуда пошла мода ходить с рюкзаками за спиной. так падать мягче.

I could watch people slip on ice and fall downstairs all day. I don’t want anyone to get hurt, I just can’t stop laughing though.

Moon Bathory
Hola a todos los que hablan español y ven estos geniales vídeos. 😊

Jingle My Berries
0:30 good thing there was a massive pile of snow in the way

Nothing makes me happier than watching people fall down.