What Could Go WRONG?! Fails Of The Week

What Could Go WRONG?! Fails Of The Week

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Victim Gambler
What happened to the kid doing the back flip, I am so confused

Yes Go
5:24 It sucks coz it’s the smart one of the group that probably suffered most. This is why you don’t hang out with/near dumb people. They start waving around randomly and running away, pissing them off.

Junior Sadi

Mike F
1:53, Lmfao, so good.

Time to stop showing clips from rodeos and guys practising for them. Poor cow was terrified and you’ve turned it into a joke. Not cool.

Jared Weiss
This shit used to be funny

Duncan Idaho
A moose enters and equality leaves.

1891 HARAS
That one guy looks like he broke his own neck doing a flip lol wow

Dismantle HAARP
@5:23 Don’t what? Have common sense? You sir should not procreate.

Brian Foster
That pig is such a idiot. I cannot believe it was such an animal and played in the dirt like that. SUCH A FAILURE!