What Could Go WRONG?! Fails Of The Week

What Could Go WRONG?! Fails Of The Week

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Paul Cooke
Those kids at 4:57 just sparked a Slapped Ham UFO video.

Damn Train
0:09 It’s not the fall, it’s the laugh 😂🤣

Stupid c**ts of the week, more like!

Christian VOVIAUX
7:30 What a pretty girl, her eyes, her little freckles… I like it a lot.

Dufus trying to show his impressive bee skills as he begins to become completely covered by angry bees… A lot of unlucky people have died in the fetal position and this guy was assuming that position. Swallow your pride and *live* to encounter a more approachable *hive.*
Some queens simply want an aggressive hive and this genius learned that the hardest way!

Why didn’t she just cut the floss short and pull on just one end??

3:20 that’s one crazy b*tch right there LMAO

Love watching these stoned.

Nanachi Makenshi
Wow that lady really screwed over their friends with the bees there.

T-bone Jones
I am a beekeeper. I have a shirt that says:
“I am a beekeeper. If you see me running, try to keep up!”
There is a time to be still, and then there is time to bail !
Once they start attacking, they will not stop for any reason except your eviction or death.
Too many stings will make you die even wiith no allergies

Peter Miller
Lightning strikes aren’t fails. It was an impressive catch though!