When Everything Goes Wrong | Funny Fails

When Everything Goes Wrong | Funny Fails

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2:17 who opened the door?

Dustin Greene
The amount of cinnamon toast crunch commercials in this video is fucking ridiculous.

Iker Zuazaga
5:09 this guy deserves the award “waiter of the year” 🤣

So u throw your phone from the roof of a building and u ask your friend if HE’S stupid for not catching it???

Lorin Hardy
5:37 Why would you destroy someone’s once in a lifetime putt? The camera holding cackling goobers in these videos are such A holes.

Jeroen berkenbosch
the phone thrower threw it like a sissy , and went to short …… and now i wonder who they called “stupid” ?

1:46 that not the pancake left on the extractor fan its his his scalp lol

All Brits- This is a break from Americans.