When Everything Goes Wrong This Month😂

When Everything Goes Wrong This Month😂

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Favorite clip?

8:45 till 9:16 are the best ones for me 😂 the doggie scared and got backup 🤭

Say what you want about dogs, but at least they won’t poop in your toaster.

All the videos end too abruptly 😢

15:10 you can hear the sound of his balls popping

That TSA agent was hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

Two things are certain in these videos..first if you see any clip with a piñata you can be sure someone is going to get whacked and second any girl on a stripper pole the pole will not stay in place and they are busting their ass..😂😂

This month? This video contains so many reruns it should be called the best of the past decade lol

Cool, now upload sth new…

Stupid skit at the end. Need crazier clips.

Your videos are always at the tippy-top of the very best!
I don’t know how you do it, time and time again, but your videos are the very best on YouTube. Hands down, no contest. 🏆