Who Will Win? Fails Of The Week | FailArmy

Who Will Win? Fails Of The Week | FailArmy

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The guy at 7:07 seems dangerous. I hope his wife runs far from those red flags.

The bigger the truck, the smaller the brain.

Gary A. Roth
Hi, I’m a heavy equipment operator too! Just wanted to visit and send you some inspiration to persist! Check mine out, if you have a few minutes.

dont panic dont panic let the ocean take you, i have it all on film 4:37

Hello There
2:31 “It was the dog!”

What was that kid at 0:40 saying “oh f**k nah” for?

The fool at 7:06 really needs some anger management…

7:20, what a douche bag lol

Beautiful driveways when people drop that kind of loot on a concrete driveway but if your contractor isn’t well skilled and viewed by real customers as honest too many corners can be cut. One is shown here by the guy stepping out of his truck only to slip and land on the ground. Outside slabs need texture such as being brooms at least not shiny like your garage because wet smooth concrete is as bad as ice. The driveway installer should have brought that to their attention and insisted on some kind of texture. If he skimped on that what else can be left out hidden under the slabs… No reinforcement/rebar or improper pitch, possibly even concrete under thickness. Should’ve been funny that guy falling but that’s really a bad sign of a poorly skilled business or one that enhances profits by not using as much materials as stated in the estimate. Done my rant. I just hate to see people get scammed and not knowing the reason it’s so slippery is a bad install and company.

wow, another striper pole that fell, how new and unique.

“Grab the fish!” We know where his priorities are