Wild Wipeouts On Land! Fails Of The Week

Wild Wipeouts On Land! Fails Of The Week

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Tom Roach
“Your mama had to be smokin something more than cigarettes when she had you”…Absolutely a classic line!

Abradolf Lincler
2:16 lmaoo

Tony Ocnos
Girl with the haircut. Yes, you look stupid…cause you are stupid. Logic here.

Andrew Lyon
2:12 what is going on here???

DJ Lattimore Main
the waffle house has found its new host

Reid Cox
What’s up with the dude who just kept walking as he looked back at his girl who had just fallen down the porch stairs?

1:49 Damn, this girl is so similar to a cat in her behavior! She reacts just like a cat you’re trying to kiss, just like that. First he dodges, and then he tries to beat you. She was clearly a cat in a previous life. Amazing similarity. And her totem animal is probably a cat. In general, a good attempt at the dude who tried to kiss her, but he is clearly not her type. In truth, it’s sad to see when they prefer not to let anyone out of the friend zone. I hope this guy will still find a girl who will be happy to kiss him. Most often it is, a person experiences hundreds of rejections until he finds his soulmate. It is through trial and error that you can find the person you are destined to be with. It is also quite possible that the girl just does not like to kiss on camera, just like mine. But unfortunately, it’s hard to say for sure here. 😅

Mamoona Khan
Fail army why yoou hide bad words?👿👿😠😠 Only adults watches it

Rajan Patel
2:15 🤣 cartoon logic in real life

6:44 I think she kinda bad though 😩

6:58 shes being too hard on herself, the short actually looks really good on her. Only real problem is, they screwed the ends up.