Woman Wipes Out On Scooter! Fails Of The Week

Woman Wipes Out On Scooter! Fails Of The Week

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Woman Wipes Out On Scooter SO WHERE ARE THE SCOOTERS ??

Arda Tasova
haha! you monkeys and donkeys

Arda Tasova
i almost pissed my ass while watching

3:57 early anger issues fs


1:04 God, she plays as badly as possible, but she has so much fun that you can even feel it. Although a little more and she will roll there like a ball, thanks to her shape …but she does not complex and enjoys life. A great example for all of us.😏👍

The girl pushing the desk clip reminds me of Dwight’s Christmas desk from The Office… plus somebody didn’t put that desk together properly… they probably had a whole bag of parts left over after they were done and just said “screw it. It looks fine!”

Elisia’s Evolution
Nearly took her eye out with those shears!

7:06 👁 OWW! that made me really go oww! hope is ok

6:20 i did something like that before it was horible.