Woman Wipes Out On Scooter! Fails Of The Week

Woman Wipes Out On Scooter! Fails Of The Week

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The mom who ran to check on her son literally forgot him, and checked the phone first 😂

Florisvaldo Guedes

The Wraith

The barber that just about took that lady’s eye out is a idiot.
You can tell she was annoyed by the baby crying and not wanting a haircut and was rushing to finish.

Giggi Widit
1:00: Yeah … been there … done that. I was walking home late at night after a long shift at work. Crossed on a crossing (just like the people in the clip) WITH the lights in my favour, when a car (that had obviously jumped the red light) came screaming around the corner, and I literally had dive out of the way, so that I wouldn’t be hit, and the driver just kept going, and left me lying in the road. I could have been unconscious. I could have been hit and killed by the next car to come around the corner, the driver just didn’t care (they didn’t even slow down). My knee was badly injured, and has never been the same since, and my phone was smashed and broken by the fall, so I couldn’t call for help, and sadly there was no Video of the incident, so the driver got away with almost a hit-and-run. So for me, video clips like that one AREN’T funny.

Your channel is proof that there is still good in the world. Your kindness and positivity have helped me through some tough times, and I’m forever grateful. Keep shining your light, you’re making a difference in the world.

Michael Clausen
At 0:58 a bunch of bicyclists not obeying the rules of the road but always mad at cars when they do it. Glad the guy didn’t die but they deserve what they get sometimes…at least they wore safety vests. 🤨

Damian Beattie
scissors in the eye lol

Damian Beattie
how do you get your eyelid caught in a zip?