WRONG Ways To Ride! Fails Of The Week

WRONG Ways To Ride! Fails Of The Week

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What was your favorite clip?

No jumping possition on the first one

1:40 Karma

General Lock
Did the bears eventually drove off in the car?

Now Issue
love you! who read the comment!

Florian Bittmann
Sehr guten

Mark Plotkin
That juicer must have been the petzer peeler juicer from gremlins to funny lol 😂

william romine
Watching those homes fall into the water was heartbreaking. Unless they had flood insurance, which is not common because of cost, they probably couldn’t rebuild their homes. Nothing funny about such videos.

Aaron Edgecomb
0:46 “Bonk”

Lý Thị Son

NW Angler
There is nothing, NOTHING, as funny to me as pinata fails.