WRONG Ways To Ride! Fails Of The Week

WRONG Ways To Ride! Fails Of The Week

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What was your favorite clip?

Red Madness
0:49 Bro going into an ice dungeon

3:00 If he want broke this two stairs, he done it well

5:20 does anyone know what a car this is? interior looks gorgeous!

Drecknath Magladery
that bear mother was like i dont want them kids
shuts em in a car walks off

Enot Pk
7:30 Joke form russian internets:
Bear goes trough the woods. Bear see: car is burning. Bear got into the car and burned.

yfz 450r
The last one is hilarious!

Drecknath Magladery
the ship being sunk was done on purpose turning it into an artificial reef not a fail per say

Some call it falling in an terrifying ice crevasse, but I call it a free surprise water (technically) slide! Unfortunately he breaked, so we’ll never know where it leads 🙁

I guess his spidey senses wasn’t tingling

James Gutin
Anyone else notice that the super drunk girls at 1:51 drove themselves home…??? Lucky they didn’t kill anyone.