You Can't Park There! Fails Of The Week | FailArmy

You Can't Park There! Fails Of The Week | FailArmy

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Misleading title

Maksim Firsov
Автор,тебе реально нравится или думаешь,что это смешно в каждый ролик вставлять,то где люди на ступеньках падают???

John Alexander
Re Burned Food in the Oven: Once I was a bit drunk and put a Totino’s Party Pizza (back when they were round lol) in the oven and promptly passed out. A friend woke me up 2 hours later and I had to wonder what was burning for a sec. Took it out of the oven and it was just black, black, black. Shrunk quite a bit too. STUNK to high Heaven. Was better than 6 months before I ate one after that. Smelled quite funky lol had to open front door and air out the house.

Jom Glimps Gloid
Великолепно >:) 6:49

@4:10 That boyfriend showed remarkable restraint not verbalizing the thoughts running through his head!

Just a general comment: need higher standards for this list. Many of these were just ski or sledding wipeouts … just plain normal. Please don’t let the quality decline.

Joel Loftis
There are only a few clips that even have cars in them… Whoever is in charge of putting a title on the videos needs to pay more attention. When I see a title like, “You can’t park there,” I imagine clips of angry entitled people telling people they can’t park somewhere or parking fails. You guys chose the title because of the first clip. At least Ridiculousness never lets me down.

Samuel Giles
2:53 I saw the Nintendo logo

Noam Pitlik
The staged ones really detract from your compilations.

Jeck jeck
Einstein said : ” The universe and the stupidity are infinite but we are not sure for the universe “.

Edwin Ungerer
not the lady trying to remove the scratches with spit lmao