You're Doing It Wrong! Total Idiots at Life

You're Doing It Wrong! Total Idiots at Life

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Which clip was your favorite?

Ayden Haggarty
“it’s a hundred pounds?”


Drives over him lol!!!!

Niclas Gudmundsson
Oh my… 9 out of 10 was older than 6 months.

Da’Ron Neal
I wonder why these videos such as tv screens, text appears on the screen blurred out in this compilations is because of copyright? 🤔

Alex 35
The girl destroying the TV needs help.Or he needs a new girlfriend.

All those people riding the forklift need to get off immediately. All idiots lol

Juan Montoya
Big Box Store:”Sorry to inform your order has been damaged.” Customer:”Let me speak to your Manager.BBS: ” The Manager did the damage, and got promoted CEO in Granger.”

dogs aren’t dangerous
Who dresses these people in the morning.

Taylor Craft
Why was the cigarette blurred out?

David Bloomquist
These used to be funny. Now the clips are just people getting maimed or unfunny property damage. Fail.

Мария Стрельцова
The perfect compilation! I was neighing like a horse.