You're Doing It Wrong! Total Idiots at Life

You're Doing It Wrong! Total Idiots at Life

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Which clip was your favorite?

Humanity First
1:57 Hold up, is he really just throwing water into an electric toaster oven huh? I know it’s on fire but way to add even more hazard to an already dangerous situation. 😂

Anthy 2000
Guy in the blue jacket ¯■█■/¯ Green baby
+50 headshot
(¯■█■/¯ is a drone)

George Johnson
13:13 – I don’t play basketball, so perhaps someone can tell my why players do this? Because invariably it ends the same way…. morons.

40 Mike Mike
90% recycled content

Martin Krüger
The guy with the yellow colour in the face save my day 😂😂

Thomas Hughes
When “Dude, hold my beer” meets “But I don’t know how to hold a beer” followed by “Hold it anyway!”.

If you edit in that laptop-water-guy one more time, I’ll quit my subscription. And the window-elevator. And the silo.

Mrs Genghis Khan
More ancient clips we’ve seen 100’s of times 👎
Were some sent in on Betamax tapes?

16:11 Things were not going well for Karim Benzema at his new job after leaving Real Madrid.

Momento Mori
Ich habe mir 8,46 30 mal angesehen, und kann nicht mehr vor lachen😂