A Perfect Scare – Fails of the Week | FailArmy

A Perfect Scare – Fails of the Week | FailArmy

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People: “why did God create humans?”
Me: “even God needs something to laugh at every now and then.”

Devastation OfMankind
03:06 that one scared the SHIT OUT OF ME!…

Human Being
4:09 Most perfect set of teeth in the world!

Zack ASMR story
Awesome video

Instant Regret Epic
I gotta wonder if there is any grey matter between dudes ears.

Vocês nunca repararam aqueles movimentos das mãos nas danças árabes….já era pra limpar as mãos no cu de jogadores de futebol…

0:34 The Colt Seavers of donkeys.

Abdallah J
“I got that on video” like the whole thing isn’t recorded lmao

Donald Leroy
It takes a special kinda stupid to slide down a marble banister with the risk of great bodily harm THEN falling six feet down on a flight of steps